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Loyalty Club

We provide professional consulting on how to create loyalty programs for your business in accordance with the unique characteristics of your business in terms of marketing, operations, implementing an interface in the cash registers, setting up sales and loyalty programs, marketing communications, and reports.

Gift Card

Valuecard provides your business with all of the tools to manage a prepaid card system. Using the Valuecard system, users can reload a card, pay with a prepaid gift card, and check the balance.


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Our Technological Tools

The configurations and tools that Valuecard develops allow our clients to quickly and efficiently implement a range of marketing activities for different market needs. Valuecard is constantly and consistently developing its technological infrastructure, while adapting it to different applications based on the interface between the sales endpoint and the server.


Loyalty Clubs

Manage loyalty programs in an efficient and digital manner, with an online interface for cash registers, identify customers at every visit, and see benefits details and accruals at the register.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards

Valuecard provides your business with all of the tools you need to manage a prepaid cards system. With the Valuecard interface, you can reload cards, pay with a card, and check the balance at the register.

Digital Vouchers

Digital Vouchers

The Valuecard system allows voucher marketers, and the businesses they work with, to create a more digital and airtight business environment that is paperless and fully transparent.

Consumer Clubs

Coalition Clubs

Valuecard serves as a technological platform for clubs that consist of many businesses with different registers, and provides the club manager with operational uniformity.

Shipping App

Shipping App

Manage the loyalty club in a digital and efficient manner with an online interface for business registers, the ability to identify customers at every visit, and the ability to see benefits details and accruals at the register.

Interface for Online Checkouts

Interface for Online CheckoutsThe Valuecard system consists of an application hosted on the Company’s servers, which communicates in real time with cash registers or other endpoints where a sale or other interaction takes place with a client or end user. Using a flexible architectural structure for the system and technological interfaces, the Company creates new dimensions and abilities that are reflected in the efficient and smart management of loyalty clubs, process automations, significant decrease in manual work, and an increase in the decision-making process.